More you need to consider

We celebrate you and your decision to enter the lifelong commitment expressed through the covenant of marriage! We are committed to assisting you in preparing for your special day and  lifetime together.

Marriage preparation involves commitment by the couple to spiritual and relational development as well as honoring God in all they do.

Because of our commitment to marriage as a covenant between husband, wife and God, we require that each couple meet a few requirements before we will agree to conduct their premarital counseling:

  • The couple is in a growing and personal relationship with Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.
  • The couple is not living together and is honoring God through the practice of sexual purity (abstinence).
  • The couple is active in a local church and attends a worship celebration at least two times per month for six months prior to their marriage preparation, and to continue this pattern in the months leading up to and following their wedding.
  • The couple will fully participate in the marriage preparation process and ideally complete the process one month prior to the wedding date.

Why is Christian premarital counseling so important?

"The truth is, most engaged couples prepare more for their wedding than they do for their marriage. The $50-billion-a-year wedding industry can testify to that fact. According to experts, the average two-hundred guest wedding today costs twenty-two thousand dollars.* More than one million bridal magazines are sold each month, focusing mainly on ceremonies, honeymoons, and home furnishings, but not on marriage itself. It seems silly to do and invest so much into the wedding and yet so little to prepare for marriage."

                            - Drs. Les and Leslie Parrott, Saving Your Marriage Before it Starts 

I ran across this web page at the link below and thought it did an outstanding job explaining the importance of premarital counseling. If you question or doubt at all the importance of premarital counseling, please take some time to visit this web site to read the article. Premarital counseling is the one thing you don't want to leave off your checklist when you’re making your wedding plans!

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* The findings noted above from Drs. Les and Leslie Parrott are based on telephone interviews with 1,037 adults, age eighteen and above. The survey was conducted between September 24 and October 9, 1988. Error attributable to sampling and other random effects could be plus or minus four percentage points.