The Process

Here is a step by step look at our process:

Step #1 - We desire that this relationship not only be a good fit for us, but a good fit for you as well. Please take some time to review our website to become comfortable with who we are and what our process looks like. We would also encourage you to make this a prayerful process. Is this what God would have you do?

Step #2 - Well, once you decided that this is the direction to go, please take some time to fill out the "Bride and Groom Personal Profile" forms. Remember what we said earlier, we want this to be a good fit for both parties and once we receive your "Profiles", we will schedule a time to do a FREE 30 minute interview and answer any additional questions you may have. At this point there is "NO COST or OBLIGATION."

Step #3 - After the interview and we have all agreed to move forward (*) we will:

Have you start the payment process for the premarital counseling. To view our pricing please click here. You will receive a "PayPal" invoice via email. After receiving your payment, we will immediately ship you the "Preparing for Marriage" workbooks and order your online compatibility assessment. During that time we will also schedule the day and time for our first session and assign the first section of homework.

* Interviews do not guarantee that we will work together. It is at the complete discretion of Agape and the Couple as to whether or not they will work together for any reason.

Step #4 - We will have our first scheduled over the phone session. In total we will have eight sessions and each session will last 60 minutes. We will meet every two weeks. This will allow an adequate amount of time for you to do the homework. So hopefully we can start this process, under ideal circumstances, roughly 4-6 months prior to the wedding day.

Step #5 - Each week we will review the homework assigned and talk through in detail the main points of the session. We also spend time answering your questions that arise throughout the process. Our goal is to raise virtually every question possible in advance of your wedding day so you can already have the answer determined before the circumstance ever arises.

The very thing we want to prevent is for these circumstances to crop up the week, month, year or even years after the wedding day and for you to have not already determined the answer.

Step #6 - Once we have completed the eighth session, we will answer any additional questions, pray for you, and send you on your way to the alter.

Additional Steps:

We will need to schedule a time to talk with the person who will be officiating the wedding. If it were me officiating the wedding, I would want someone to vouch for the premarital counseling process taken and to know if the prerequisites were observed.

Some couples may desire that I perform the wedding ceremony which is also an option. I am a licensed Minister of the Gospel in the state of Minnesota with my credentials on file in Anoka County. If you live outside of the state of Minnesota and wish to have me perform your ceremony, because each states registration process is so different, we would need to look at each ceremony on a case by case basis.

There would be an additional cost with the time and travel, but regardless, it is something I would be privileged to do. If this is of interest to you, please let me know as far in advance as possible, so we can start talking about the details.

Curriculum to be used: Preparing for Marriage is an essential tool to be used for premarital counseling couples to a long and successful marriage. The study guide is designed to offer as little or as much direction needed to train those that will be in the most intimate and long lasting human relationship we will ever experience on earth.

In the study guide, the sessions that couples will experience during this study are:

  • Why Marriage?
  • God's Equation for Marriage: When One Plus One Equals One
  • Authentic Communication: Avoiding the Post-Wedding Letdown
  • Roles and Responsibilities in Marriage: Moving Beyond the Cultural Stereotype
  • Money, Money, Money
  • Intimacy: Sexual Communication in Marriage

Preparing for Marriage is invaluable in helping engaged couples build from the bloom of new romance a vision of a lasting marriage firmly established and rooted in Jesus Christ.